Where Does Time Come From?

Original Title

Text & illustrations by 
Hu Li Jia



August 2022

Where Does Time Come From is an incredibly beautiful and informative encyclopedia of natural and humanistic knowledge for children. Through fun and engaging scenarios, it teaches children how to recognize time and appreciate its beauty and meaning.

Specifically designed for children aged 5-10 years old, this encyclopedia is divided into four sections: Recognizing Time Around Us, Time in Nature, Time and Science, and Time and Life. These four sections gradually lead children from understanding the time around them, to exploring natural science knowledge, and finally transitioning to humanistic thought, combining nature and eastern culture to guide children in recognizing and cherishing time.

The book features large, natural life scenes as an introduction and guides children through interactive questioning using everyday items to explain knowledge and secrets about time, such as feeling the secrets of the sun and moon, how to record time, and experiencing the passing of time.

Where Does Time Come From is also a picture book that enables children to feel the meaning of time and life.

Editor's recommendation:
★ A comprehensive and rigorous knowledge system that integrates the most complete time enlightenment encyclopedia;
★ The scientific development history of timing and timekeeping that cultivates the first step in time awareness;
★ Close to children's cognition, and emotionally recognizing time through everyday objects;
★ Interpreting the meaning of time from three perspectives: knowing time, cherishing time, and using time, helping children establish cultural heritage from an early age.




★一套严密完整的知识体系 集成最全的时间启蒙百科;
★计时和报时的科学发展史 培养时间观念第一步;
★贴近孩子的认知 从身边事物感性地认识时间;
★三大角度 知时、惜时 、用时解读时间的意义,帮孩子从小奠基文化底蕴。
狐狸家,创作有《小狐狸勇闯 山海经 》《楚辞绘本 》《哇!历史原来是这样》等畅销佳作。近年来斩获童阅中国“原创好童书”奖、出版商务周报“桂冠童书”奖 、上海市中小学幼儿园优秀图书奖等奖项、上榜“中国童书榜”,并有多部作品入选“原动力”中国原创动漫扶持计划。