Incredible Bugs: A world of wonder

Illustrations by
Robert Rurans



March 2019

Do bugs bug you? The first release under Viction Viction in 2019 takes a closer look at the microscopic world of insects, where superpowers hide in plain sight! Coupled with bright and quirky illustrations by Robert Rurans, it is a book on nature’s little creatures like no other.

Incredible Bugs magnifies a fascinating world of small creatures through charming illustrations and fun facts that highlight their superhero-like capabilities. Although they may seem unappealing at first glance, great powers lie beneath their weird and wonderful exteriors; and this book highlights the extraordinary and unique ways in which they survive ordinary life on land, underwater, and in the air. It is an engaging and endearing look into a realm that most adults and kids would not even think about venturing into!

你有没有被昆虫困扰?2019年VICTION-VICTION旗下的首部作品深入探讨了昆虫的微观世界,探索那隐藏在众目睽睽之下的超能力!再加上罗伯特·鲁兰斯(Robert Rurans)明亮而古怪的插画,这是一本关于自然界中的微小生物的书。