Packaged for Life: Coffee & Tea

Modern Packaging Design Solutions for Everyday


Illustrated by
Chiu Road

Separat by Or Type

256pp / 148 x 197mm (H)

Soft cover with rubberband
[Loose insert booklet: 36pp / 120 x 165mm (H)]
Full colour throughout

Release date
December 2020

包装除了传达品牌个性、销售目的与营销讯息以外,更能体现在地生活的方式与创意。 《Packaged for Life: Coffee &Tea》收录全球咖啡、茶叶包装设计作品,咖啡与茶被《联合国粮食及农业组织》认为,是世界上仅次于水的销售量最大的饮料,在我们的生活与消费市场上更占有不可或缺的地位。 


Packaged for Life: Coffee & Tea

In our haste to consume the things we love, we often disregard or discard packaging without a second thought. While many would argue that they bear no significance or should be done away with in our quest to save the environment, there is a lot more to packaging design than meets the eye. On top of conveying a brand’s personality, purpose, or message meaningfully and embodying its contents in ways that catch the eye, a seemingly ordinary bottle or box can become an artist or designer’s canvas for extraordinary creative expression.

Packaged for Life: Coffee & Tea highlights some of the most delightful packaging design work for what the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation deems ‘the most consumed beverage in the world after water’. Coupled with a booklet of fun facts about the products themselves, it serves as a vessel of inspiration that celebrates the overlooked tactile beauty of our favourite things.