190 x 255mm
288 pp

full colour
paperback+dust jacket

Release date
December 2021


结合Victionary成立20周年,2021年重新发行的LESS IS MORE增加了其他项目和特别封面,该封面借鉴了其畅销前作的原始外观。它具有来自世界各地的创意解决方案和视觉实验,通过精挑细选的颜色组合、材料应用、印刷效果和图形细节来证明最好的设计往往事半功倍。

LESS IS MORE: 20th Anniversary Edition 
Limited colour graphics in design

The minimalism movement has become a mainstay in popular culture, due in no small part to the mounting pressures of modern life and the need to cut clutter. In graphic design, its principles are often applied by way of reducing the colour palette used, whether it be for visual identities, publications, or exhibitions. Amid the sea of chaos in saturated spaces, simplicity can make for a truly striking statement.

In conjunction with Victionary’s 20th anniversary, the 2021 rerelease of LESS IS MORE features additional projects and a special cover that draws from the original look of its best-selling predecessor. It features creative solutions and visual experiments from around the world that play with thoughtful colour combinations, material applications, printing effects, and graphic details to prove that the best designs often speak more with less.