Button Soldier

By Jiuer

Handing rights: all exclude simplified Chinese.

All rights available.

Pages: 52, no text
Binding : Hardcover
Ages: 3~6
Publication date: Mar. 2020

A button fell off his clothes. It fell off the road and no one found it in the busy streets. Then he was put into a garbage truck and bumped and fell on the side of the road. For a long time, since last spring and winter, it just lay there looking at the sky, looking at the clouds and sometimes seeing nothing … However, one day, it was dug out from the snow by a little fat hand. It was a boy. He was in need of a soldier. His chess was missing a chess piece. From then on, it was called the only “button soldier” in chess. An ordinary button has a new mission. This may be the little boy’s fantasy, perhaps button really becomes a soldier, who knows? In this book, there are many mysteries that need to be solved, and the readers are expected to find out for themselves.


Outstanding Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award – The 7th Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award

Jiuer Author and Illustrator of Button Soldier
Outstanding Children’s Picture Book Award

Jiu’er is an award-winning fine artist and sculptor, and the first female Chinese artist to be featured in the book list of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). She lives in Beijing, China, along with her Mongolian hunting dog, whose name is Huhe.

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A foreign rights agent for books on art, design, and children's.

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