A Place Like the Sea

Original Title

Text & illustrations by
Lin Boting



Yuanliou Publishing House
Aug 2020

Simplified Chinese

The story took place in the aquarium, a place like the sea. Many creatures were displayed here and their world was built for people to view. People and fishes look at each other through the glass from two unrelated worlds. One thing happened and it echoed a similar situation for these two worlds. That is, a little boy got lost in the aquarium and his panic and helplessness were shown in front of another world, and the one who understood him best at the moment was trapped and swimming in the other side.

Written and illustrated by Lin Boting, winner of the “Feng Zikai Children’s Picture Book Award” and author of “Go to the Zoo Together”, is the latest masterpiece caring for animals──
The work directly presents the concern for the situation of marine animals from the perspective of children, and the theme echoes the reflection on the topic of “captive marine animals” in recent years; this book provides parent-child/teacher-student discussions in the form of a picture book that is very suitable for co-reading and as the starting point of the issue.


◆Ecological Education Green Picture Book: Pay attention to the animals in captivity in the Ocean Park/Marine Biological Museum

◆The perspective of empathy: the feelings of the little boy after he separated from his parents in the museum, to bring out the various animals he saw in his eyes, as well as the situation in which the animals left their homes in the sea and were kept in captivity by humans── I hope to open up discussion and dialogue on related topics among young readers/parents/teachers and students.

◆Unique visual performance: the delicate drawing in the style of engraving creates a blue water world with strong contrast between light and shadow and light and dark.


Lin Boting I Llive in Yilan, like cooking and sports, and drink coffee as water. I am afraid of noisy but like to interact with children. My ambition from my childhood till now is to be a veterinarian.
Good at creating illustrations and picture books with crayons, acrylic paints, and computer graphics.
Published works include: “Go to the Zoo Together” (Yuan-Liou Publishing), “Hi! Where is Your Home? “Bat! Bang! Bang! What Car Is This? “Whose Dress Is This?” “Can This Be Eaten?” “The Sweet Potato Has Sprouted”, “I Can Do It Myself”, “I Love Monkey Kids” and so on.


“Go to the Zoo Together”: published in 2018 and won the 6th Feng Zikai Children’s Picture Book Award for Excellent Work; “Good Book Everyone Reads” Annual Best Children’s Book Award, and the promotion of excellent extracurricular reading materials for elementary and middle school students of the Ministry of Culture; other works have also been published. He won the Feng Zikai Children’s Picture Book Award and the Xinyi Children’s Literature Award for Excellent Works.