23 Different Types of Interior Design Styles for Your Home

23 Different Types of Interior Design Styles for Your Home

Author: He Ling
Language: Chinese
Spec.: 130mm×185mm, 288pp, Hardcover
Publication date: Aug. 2020

Handling territories:
world exclude China.

Complex Chinese rights sold.

Chinese PDF and English sample available.

The book introduces 23 different types of interior design styles in detail. Each style is equipped with exquisite hand-painted drawings. The painting style is warm and healing, with a strong sense of atmosphere, readers can find their favorite style at a glance.

The content is professional, the explanation is concise and easy to understand, and the key points are combed clearly. Each style explains the style characteristics, construction methods, key design elements, etc., which can enable readers to quickly grasp the atmosphere and key points of each style.

Table of Contents

Ethno style 002
Industrial style 024
Urban Jungle style 048
Bohemian style 068
70′ S style 088
Mediterranean style 106
Hampton style 126
Slow Deco style 146
Classic European-style 166
Scandinavian style 186
Art Deco style 210
Japanese Aesthetics 234
New-Chinese style 250
Chroma style 266
Rural style 268
Pop style 270
Natural style 272
Exotic Customs style 274
Flea Market Style 275
American Style 276
Valentine’s Day Style 277
Morden Style 278
Morocco Style 279
Reference 280

Author’s Bio

He Ling, interior designer, architectural illustrator, interior design hand-painted teacher. She graduated from the school of architecture and urban planning of Huazhong University of science and technology. After graduation, she studied in Paris for further study of interior space design and obtained a master's degree in art design. She has lived in Milan and Berlin. She once served as curator of independent art exhibition at the Grand Palace in Paris and curator of furniture exhibition in Milan.





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