After the Snowfall

By Rich Lo

Handing rights: Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French

Original and publishing language: English
Size: 20.32 cm x 25.4 cm
Pages: 32 pages full color illustration
Binding : Hardcover
Ages: 3~7
Publication date: October 2020

Genre: Juvenile Fiction/Animals/General

This beautiful illustrated book is about a fox and the animals he encounters on his journey to the stream.

Publisher’s Weekly: 
Star Review 
‘Intricate, realistic illustrations of wildlife, made fanciful by breathtaking, multihued washes of color against a black sky, distinguish this observational nature picture book. Spare prose follows a red fox peering from a den, perceiving other animals of the forest—a buck, a great horned owl, squirrels, mice, a moose, and more—and making note of their actions while journeying to the stream for a drink. “His thirst quenched, the fox heads home,” seeing more animals along the way (“rabbits hiding in a hollow log,” “chattering crows”) before rejoining his family: a vixen and kits. The quiet, documentary tone echoes the stillness denoted on the first page (“All is silent”), setting the stage for Lo’s vibrant watercolors.  The art will undoubtedly merit repeat perusals, especially for young nature enthusiasts. Ages 4–9.’


This is a beautifully illustrated book that introduces children to the wonder of nature in winter: A Fox Peeks Out of His Den at a White Forest/ All is Silent/A Buck Stands Camouflaged/A great horned owl sits on a nearby branch/ The fox climbs out of this den/ He passes squirrels eating/ He passes mice foraging/ The fox reaches a stream where he takes a cold drink/ A family of mallard ducks swims by/ Across the stream, river otters rest on a rock/ Suddenly, the earth trembles. Towering over the fox, a moose takes a cold drink/ His thirst quenched, the fox heads home/ He passes rabbits hiding in a hollow tree/ Chattering crows greet the fox outside his den/ After the snowfall.


Rich Lo, founder of Artclicker, is a professional artist that can combine technical excellence with uncompromising imagination. The result is a compilation of works that are both rich in tradition and pertinent to today’s trends and styles. He is the author/illustrator of Father’s Chinese OperaMountain Chef, and New YearFather’s Chinese Opera was named an ALA Asian Pacific American Award for Literature Honor Book.Born in Hong Kong, he now lives in Chicago. He is published by Muddy Boots imprint, Rowman & Littlefield

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A foreign rights agent for books on art, design, and children's.

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