Collage: Inspiration – Composition – Technique

Author: Natascha Fix | Jörg Bockow

Handling rights: Simplified and Complex Chinese.

Publishing language: German
Publication Date: Oct. 2020
Trimmed Page Size: 235x315mm
Extent: 176 pages with about 300 color illustrations
Binding: Thread-stitched hardcover with embossing
Toal words count: 13,200


當世界變得愈發數位化以及千篇一律,從剪刀、膠水以及藝術探索與創作中獲得的樂趣則越多(更別說我們不需要為創作而投入一大筆錢購買成堆的材料和工具,也不需要進行創作前精心策劃)。在拼貼藝術中,任何形式的表達和創作手法都是自由且不分對錯的。Natascha Fix將從簡單的創作小貼士開始,帶領你邁入精彩的拼貼創作世界。

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A foreign rights agent for books on art, design, and children's.

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