Tail of Fox

Text by JIANG Yitan, illustration by Kendra Wang

Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.
All rights available.

English translation available.

Original and publishing language: Simplified Chinese
Pages: 32
Ages: 3-6
Publication date: November 2018
Sales: 4,000 copies sold



Kendra Wang 繪,畢業于倫敦藝術大學研究生插畫專業,現居英國。其作品曾多次入圍插畫比賽,曾獲得英國插畫比賽叢林獎jungle Merit Award的銀獎。

It is a story that teaches children to do good deeds in a correct manner.
One day in a chilly winter, a cold and hungry fox went through the woods searching for food. He felt so excited at seeing a man sitting on the ice fishing. His mouth couldn’t help watering. He begged the man for a fish to fill his belly, but he still wanted more. It was too cold outside, the man was anxious to go home, so he lent all his fishing gear to the fox for him to fish by himself. Unfortunately, the fox harvested nothing and found his tail frozen to the ice. Then he was desperately shouting the mole, the rabbit and the peacock to come to his rescue. But all of them were victims of his bullying, would they return good for evil?

About the author
JIANG Yitan, one of the most influential short story writers in contemporary China, has published six collections of short stories so far. He has won the first Lin Jinlan Prize for Excellent Short Story Writers, Pu Songling Prize for Short Stories, Hundred Flowers Prize for Literature, Short Story Prize for Selected Novels, Shanghai Literature Prize for Short Stories.

About the illustrator
Kendra Wang is a graduate illustrator from London University of Art and now lives in the UK. Her works have been included in many illustration competitions.

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