Silent Children

Author: YUAN Ling

Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.

All rights available.

English translation by R. Trumbull is available.

Original and publishing language: Simplified Chinese
Size: 210mm x 147mm
Pages: 464
Publication year: 2019
Keywords: literature, nonfiction narrative

  • A 4 years’ lasting newly-written by the young writer YUAN Ling.
  • A nonfiction work that focuses on the plight of children living in urban and rural China.
  • Selected as one of the Top 10 Best Chinese Books in 2019.
  • Long nonfiction work of the year on “HARVEST” in 2019.

“Every growing child is a rushing waterfall. In our time, their voices shouldn’t have been so silent.”

Silent Children is a new nonfiction work by YUAN Ling after his work The Moss Won’t Be Gone.

As one of the outstanding nonfiction writers in China, and the Writer of the Year in 2017 of the Beijing News, YUAN Ling’s works always pays attention to those marginal figures from the lower class, narrating their suffering, disease, death, and loneliness. This time, however, YUAN Ling focused his attention on left-behind children. He spent four years traveling in more than 20 remote mountainous areas in more than 20 provinces and cities, visiting nearing a hundred children, focusing on the left-behind, migrant, dropout, ill, and single-parent children. YUAN Ling is concerned about their living conditions, and the changes in their lives and destiny in the tide of commodification and urbanization.

Silent Children has been selected:

  • Book Recommendations By Sina 2019;
  • Douban Books of the Year 2019;
  • Top 10 Chinese Books 2019;
  • Long nonfiction work of the year on “HARVEST” 2019;
  • YUEWEN-The Lightsearch Critics Book Award: The Best 10 Books of the Year 2019;
  • Shortlisted for the Beijing News Weekly Review annual long list of recommendations, and the 100 nominations in the 5th One Way Street Book Award.

About the author
YUAN Ling, born in 1973, graduated with a master’s degree from the department of Chinese language and literature of Fudan University, a well-known writer and media professionals.
He has published many influential surveys and special articles, and won the Tencent Academy Literature Award 2015 Non-fiction Writer, and Guiyuan Yaji 2014 Prose Award.
His works Out of Ma Sanjia and Night Watcher Gao Hua won the 2012 and 2013 Tencent Annual Feature and Investigative Reporting Awards, and the two annual tributes of Southern Media Research.
He has published books such as My Ninety-Nine Deaths, Walking Through Tang Poems, The Moss Won’t Be Gone, and The World, among which The World won the Top Ten Best Books in Southern Metropolis Daily in 2018.
The Silent Children is his new non-fictional work in 2019.

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