On The Move

Authors & Illustrators: Romana Romanyshyn аnd Andriy Lesiv

Handling territories: Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese, and English markets
All rights available.

Foreign right sold: Slovak, Spanish, Korean, Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese

English translation available.

Original and publishing language: Ukrainian
Size: 240mm×335mm
Pages: 64
Binding: Hardcover
Ages: 7~10+
Genre: non-fiction
Publication year: 2020

About the authos and illustrators
Romana Romanyshyn аnd Andriy Lesiv
They are always together — both in work and in life.
They live and work in Lviv, and the spirit of this old city lives inside them. Their studio is filled with books, paintings and coffee. They like what they do and are inspired by every new idea, realising it in a new form.

photo of Romana Romanyshyn аnd Andriy Lesiv

The universe is ever on the move: Nothing in it remains completely at rest. Movement is natural: The Earth, the water on it, the atmosphere, the continents, and all living organisms exist in a state of constant motion. We walk, run, jump, crawl, swim, and fly. We travel.

This book is about movement and travel — not only by people, but also that of animals, plants, the wind, water, and our planet. It describes journeys for the purpose of trade and commerce, journeys for the purpose of pleasure and repose or for survival, as well as scientific expeditions and pilgrimages. It’s about migrations, maps, navigation, and, finally, about finding one’s one path. The one word that a traveler most often hears in his travels is “where.” “Where are you heading to?”, “Where are you coming from?”

This book is a visual and intellectual expedition through thousands of years of movement, in search of answers to these as well as many other questions.

Published by Kris Guo

A foreign rights agent for books on art, design, and children's.

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