Mind Map of Illustration

Mind Map of Illustration

Editor: gaatii
Spec.: 215mm×280mm, 232pp, hardcover + Jacket + 14 postcards
Release date: July 2020
Language: Simplified Chinese

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Illustrations, from a traditional perspective, always work as visual explanation of a text but rarely included in a specific category of art. Today, in Chinese reading market, more and more people realized that an illustration is not just an explanation served for a text. They can be presented in a wide range of styles and techniques, and used in various fields and media.
Starting from the idea of ‘Mind Mapping’, we gathered 15 top illustrators from China to showcase their masterpieces, share their creation process, and give insight into how they create imaginative illustrations.
The 15 invited artists are: Hu Rui(Ray), Ouyang Pengjie(OY), Lu Bo, Gui Tu Zi, Bu Lin, Zhao Moran, Zhou Suolan, Fan Yuqin, Fu Chunqiang, Huang Juanxian, Liu Peipei, Liu Xiaoding, Zhang Yun, Feng Zimu, Zhang Liang. Some of them are independent painter, some are art teacher, movie director, or commercial illustrator. Despite working in different positions, they are all well known in China and successful in their respective fields.
Distinguished from the other publications that only introduce some painting techniques with illustration portfolios, this book focuses a lot on a fundamental dimension of painting approaches and the creative dimension of storytelling and composing, trying to analysis the creative thinking of each talented illustrator in details.
With the book, you can know more about how to use visual elements playfully and also logically. Another highlight of the book is that each collaborated illustrator has made his or her own mind map. This is the valuable part for all readers. Everyone can learn illustrations better and easier.

Reviewed by Wang Shouzhi:
From childhood to nowadays, ‘illustration’ always keeps pace with the times to show its visibility, variety, and interestingness. The book Mind Map of Illustration can be seen as a‘ mentor’. 15 talented illustrators from China showcase their artworks with their vivid and impressive visual languages here. It will help everyone well to get closer and get into the world of ‘illustration’.
——Prof. Wang Shouzhi

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