Great Oriental Voyages

Text by LIU Bingyuan, Illustration by JIAO Yang

Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.

All rights available.

Original and publishing language: Simplified Chinese
Pages: 48
Publication date: Sep. 2018




This is a picture book about the Silk Road on the Sea. The big boat started from Quanzhou Harbor and experienced heavy storms and waves, saw the sunrise, sunset and stars at the end of the sea and sky, brought Chinese culture and specialties to all parts of the world, and also brought back many novel species… The pictures are exquisite and magnificent, showing the magnificence of the sea exploration of the ancient Eastern countries, and also reflecting the spirit of unity of all aspirations.

About the author
LIU Bingyuan, senior editor and deputy editor of children’s books, has studied in the Department of History of Renmin University of China and the Institute of Psychology of Chinese Academy of Sciences successively. He has deeply studied the writing of children’s books, and has won many awards for planning and publishing children’s books.

About the illustrator
JIAO Yang graduated from the Academy of Chinese Painting of the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree and a doctor’s degree from the Academy of Chinese Art. He is a member of China Artists Association and a director of China Fine Brushwork Society. Her lines seem simple, but they can evoke people’s visual and emotional resonance.

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