Big Boat

Original Title

Text by
HUANG Xiaoheng

Illustrations by
GUI Tuzi



September 2019

Once the fishing village’s pride, the big boat is now silently docked at the port, watching the alternation of the four seasons and the changes of the times. In the story, the big boat is cleverly designed as a participant and a witness of the small fishing village. It witnesses the small fishing village become a big city and people’s lives get better and better.
Through the eyes of the big boat, children see a colorful city. The stories that the big boat has experienced are like the lighthouses in a long river that help the children understand the abstract concept of time and how the change of time influences things. They unravel the secrets of time for the children.


  • 2019 BIBF Ananas International Illustration Award · Gold Award
  • 2019 CCBF Golden Pinwheel International Illustration Award · Gold Award

About the author
Huang Xiaoheng is a writer of children’s literature and picture books, a national registered psychological counselor, and a promotor of reading picture books. Some of her works have been adapted into cartoons. She has won several Hsin yi Picture Book Awards.

About the illustrator
Gui Tuzi is an illustrator and a picture book painter. He has published a parent-child picture book named Maodou is Really Funny, which was listed among the Popular Good Books of October in 2014. He has also cooperated with other famous writers on picture books, some of which have won the 2014 Laurate Children’s Book, the 2015 Most Beautiful Picture Book and the 2018 Bing Xin Award. His illustrations have been selected by the China Artists Association for China First Illustration Art Exhibition and China Second Illustration Art Exhibition. The book also won the Golden Ananas Awards on 2019 Beijing International Book Fair. 2019 CCBF Golden Windmill Illustration Award for domestic illustrations.


2019 BIBF菠萝圈儿国际插画奖 · 金奖
2019 CCBF金风车国际插画奖 · 金奖