Author: Under the supervision of Catherine Chevillot and Virginie Perdrisot-Cassan

Handling rights: Complex Chinese. (available)

Publishing language: French
Publication Date: February 2021
Trimmed Page Size: 240x320mm
Extent: 432 pp + 2 leaflets
Binding: Hardcover

通過比較和對比藝術界兩大巨頭:奧古斯特·羅丹(Auguste Rodin,1840-1917)和巴勃羅·畢卡索(1881-1973)的作品,這兩位非凡的藝術家在形式上的創新被認為是各自時代現代藝術的轉捩點。他們創作過程的交集揭示了他們調查過程中驚人的相似之處,例如實驗、大規模生產和形式不斷變化的性質。
這本包含 350 多件作品的圖冊將帶您探索兩位藝術家之間的對話,以及這些意想不到的聯繫中反復出現的層面。

Comparing and contrasting the works of two giants of the art world, Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) and Pablo Picasso (1881–1973), reveals points of overlap that are common knowledge and others that are explored for the first time. The innovations in form created by these two extraordinary artists are considered turning points in the modern art of their respective times. The intersection of their creative processes sheds light on striking similarities in their investigative process, such as experimentation, mass production and the ever-changing nature of their forms. This illustrated catalogue of more than 350 works allows you to discover a dialogue between the two artists and recurring facets of these unexpected connections.

Key Selling Points
Precious binding with very good value
Great gift book
Key Features
Over 350 works featured
8 pages photographic section + 2 leaflets
Who is it For?
Anyone who love Art and Sculpture

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