My Room, My Home, and Things I Own

By Romana Romanyshyn аnd Andriy Lesiv

Handling rights: Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese, and English

Original and publishing language: Ukrainian
Foreign rights sold: Italian
210 x 210 mm | 24pages | Hardcover | 2015
Keywords: house, rooms, things, furniture
Genre: wordbook
Age 1~4

This board book is a real treasure for kids who are just taking first steps to explore the world around, and their parents. What else if not a book is the best way to start communication with a child? What else if not a native home full of such different and important things is the first place to start discovering the world? Page after page, different rooms and things inside them — a bed, slippers, a cup, a tap, and favourite toys will appear before little amazed eyes. Looking at pictures, touching them, and searching for something new and important, pronouncing or even singing some of the names, repeating after father or mother — the book My Room, My Home, and Things I Own suggests a lot of possibilities for studying, development and spending quality time with a family.

Published by Kris Guo

A foreign rights agent for books on art, design, and children's.

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