I Won’t Speak First

I Won’t Speak First

Text by Jiang Yiyan
Illustrated by Sherry Feng

Chinese, hardcover, 52p, age 3-6
Citic Publishing Group, Nov 2018

Handling territories:
World exclude China.

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This picture book is fully loaded with the love between parents and their children.
Aha! It’s snowing! The mother panda went to the bamboo forest looking for cool and crisp bamboo. Her baby woke up but found his mother was nowhere. He was so anxious that he began to trace the footsteps of his mother in the forest. It’s not difficult for the mother to discover that her beloved boy was following her from afar, but neither of them shouted out to each other; instead, they started playing a game called “I Won’t Speak First ”… Snowflakes were fluttering around in the forest, everything was covered by the white snow, as pure as the love between mother and her child who are inseparable from each other.

About the author

JIANG Yitan: One of the influential short story writers in contemporary China, winner of the first Lin Jinlan Short Story Writer Award, Pu Songling Short Story Award, and the Hundred Flowers Literature Award for Best Short Story. I Won’t Speak First is his debut picture book.

Sherry Feng: Graduated from Cambridge School of Art, is one of the newly emerged post-90s Chinese illustrators dedicated to children’s picture book.

繪者:Sherry Feng



Sherry Feng, 90後插畫師,畢業於劍橋藝術學院童書插畫專業碩士。